12 fragrances for the home that will help to cope with stress

Tangerine, ylang-ylang and lavender have collected traditional and unusual fragrances for the home that will give peace and relaxation.

What flavors can be considered anti-stress? Told in the video

1 Orange

Juicy citrus not only improves mood, but also awakens appetite. Also, this fragrance is suitable as an adjunct to therapy for depression and helps with general lethargy.

2 Grapefruit

If you cry often, can’t work efficiently and quickly lose energy, put a candle with the aroma of grapefruit near the workplace. The invigorating smell will cheer you up and help you cope with overwork. 

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

3 Rosemary

A bush with fragrant grass will help with anxiety and stress. It will improve concentration, strengthen nerves and stimulate brain activity. And rosemary looks great in the pots. But avoid this fragrance if you have hypertension, bronchial asthma or epilepsy.

4 Lemon

The invigorating and toning aroma of lemon stimulates performance, improves mental activity and simply lifts the mood. Ideal for those who are stressed, complaining of apathy and depression. 

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

5 Incense

A specific thick aroma creates an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort in the interior. Relieves anxiety, irritability, anxiety, perfectly fights stress.

6 Geranium 

The aroma of geranium not only relaxes and soothes, but even reduces the headache caused by vascular spasms. It is enough to keep the flower in the room, but with a strong migraine, you can rub the leaf in your fingers and massage your temples with them.

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

7 Chamomile

Chamomile soothes in any form, whether it’s tea, a bath infusion or an aromatic candle. The relaxing properties of the flower help to cope with overstrain at the end of the working day and tune in to a quality rest. The smell of chamomile is good for insomnia, and in some cases relieves headaches, as does geranium. 

8 Lavender

The most popular soothing fragrance is, of course, lavender. The neutral smell has both a relaxing and tonic effect on the nervous system. Thanks to this, it is easier to work, while excitement and tearfulness decrease, sleep improves.

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

9 Tangerine

The aroma of tangerine will help if you want to get rid of stress and irritability, as well as improve performance. It is a warm sweet smell that gives a feeling of comfort and peace.

10 Mint

The fresh and light smell of mint has a positive effect on the nervous system during stress, poor sleep, psychological overload. Gently relieves headaches and relaxes, but at the same time refreshes and does not slow down much.

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

11 Patchouli

A wonderful rich spa fragrance that can be used in the apartment and on a permanent basis. It gives harmony and peace, improves mood and tones, relieves muscle spasms.

12 Ylang-ylang

To create the right mood and get rid of stress, normalize sleep, overcome nervousness and outbursts of aggression, a small amount of this sweet and rich aroma is enough. But if you overdo it, the air in the apartment will be too heavy. Use it in the bathroom to turn a routine hygiene routine into a relaxing spa session.

12 ароматов для дома, которые помогут справиться со стрессом

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