6 chips of IKEA products that you can find in other stores

Thoughtful organizers, bright kitchens and wardrobe systems recall why we love the Swedish store so much, and tell us how to find alternatives.

6 фишек товаров от ИКЕА, которые вы сможете найти в других магазинах

IKEA is associated with a democratic design and a huge selection of products at an affordable price: from kitchen sets to towel hooks. In addition, the Swedish store has always been famous for its thoughtful approach to storing and organizing even the smallest spaces, and in recent years has paid a lot of attention to taking care of nature. We have identified the main features of the brand that can be found in other stores today.

Told about the available chips in the video

1 Thoughtful organizers

It is one of the main features of IKEA with the help of Swedish goods, it is easy to put in order even the smallest and most uncomfortable space. Arrange several functional zones on 10 squares or find a place for all documents on a small table? Easy!

The brand gradually introduced the art of storage into small apartments. Now, devices for organizing order in the house can be found everywhere: from Chinese online stores to domestic interior hypermarkets. And if you do not focus on the differences and do not look for items exactly like IKEA, it is not difficult to find an alternative at all. And sometimes it will even be more favorable in price. 

6 фишек товаров от ИКЕА, которые вы сможете найти в других магазинах

2 Multifunctional furniture

Folding chairs, a bench with drawers, children’s transformer tables, sofas with compartments for storing linen and shelves at the head of the bed are all undoubtedly a feature of IKEA. But now other major brands also have compact multifunctional furniture. If there is a discrepancy in color, the elements can be painted independently. There is also always an option to make the model of interest to order exactly according to the sizes that you need.

6 фишек товаров от ИКЕА, которые вы сможете найти в других магазинах

3 Light palette 

IKEA has been actively promoting light-colored furniture and accessories on the Russian market for a long time. For a long time, the white kitchen was considered impractical, and it was more an exception for the brave than a popular solution. But stylish Swedish furniture clearly showed that this color has exactly the same right to exist in the interior as any other. Now, no one will be surprised by light furniture  it is sold everywhere and in a variety of variations.

6 фишек товаров от ИКЕА, которые вы сможете найти в других магазинах

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