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We select bright kitchen accessories that will add colors to the interior and make it more cozy.

6 товаров, которые помогут сделать кухню ярче | ivd.ru

1 Bright vintage-shaped teapot

Those who prefer not to use additional decor in the kitchen, but love the atmosphere of the last century, will like a vintage-shaped colored teapot. It does not create visual noise and by itself looks aesthetically pleasing on the countertop of a kitchen set. It’s great if there is one accent shade in the color scheme of the kitchen, in which other little things are made. For example, red tones stand out beautifully on a light background. Kitchen towels, teapot, napkins for serving, mugs, flower pots on the windowsill so a thoughtful set is assembled, creating a bright atmosphere.

2 Kitchen towel with a pattern

Kitchen textiles, for example, towels, play not only a practical role. It is important to select it so that all the objects echo each other and the interior itself. In a bright, accent-filled kitchen, it is better to add neutral towels, aprons and tablecloths so as not to overload the space. But if you have a calm, bright space that you want to enliven, you can do exactly the opposite: pick up textiles of a rich color, perhaps with a pattern. For example, dark blue towels with a pattern of samovars are well suited tablecloth and potholders for hot to match. And if you find a small decorative samovar and put it on the shelf, you will also get a stylish semantic combination.

3 Tablecloth with floral pattern

By itself, the use of a tablecloth for table setting already adds points to the design of the kitchen. At the same time, it is important to avoid unsuccessful decisions that, on the contrary, will spoil the atmosphere. These include:

The best option is textiles made of cotton and linen. It can be impregnated with polyester, then it will not be afraid of spilled water and stains. The drawing should be neutral and not too contrasting. Any floral motifs, as well as laconic abstraction or geometry look good in the kitchen.

4 Poster with a thematic drawing

Feel free to hang posters on a free wall in the kitchen, they will immediately enliven the space and create the right mood. However, avoid boilerplate solutions with coffee mugs and hackneyed quotes. Vintage images, favorite cocktails, and beautiful food photos will look appropriate and stylish. The ideal poster size is A3 and larger. Then it will not get lost against the background of large furniture and will look proportional to the dining table standing next to it.

5 Aesthetic cutlery

If you want to make the kitchen brighter, pay attention to household details: for example, knives and forks. We are used to simple metal cutlery, often from disparate sets, simply because they have been stored in the house for years. A new aesthetic set of unusual shade and shape will make the serving look like photos of interior bloggers and will cheer you up every day.

6 Candle holder on the dining table

Decorative candles on the dining table seem to many to be something distant and unusual, a picture from Hollywood movies. In fact, this is a very simple and budget solution for a beautiful table setting. It is not necessary to look for a massive metal vintage candlestick, especially if it does not fit into a modern interior. Try to pick up something more modern and minimalistic, like this rectangular frame.

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