7 beautiful kitchens from “Leroy Merlin” that you will like

Closing many stores and raising prices could take you by surprise. We have made a selection of beautiful and budget kitchens from the store that are worth considering.

1 Facades of a muted mint shade

7 красивых кухонь из «Леруа Мерлен», которые вам понравятся

If you are attracted to colored facades, but without extreme solutions, then green or blue tones are the best options. For example, this kitchen is dusty mint color. The shade is complex, noble, these are the most advantageous look in the interior. You can beat the facade in different ways, for example, with the help of handles and the presence of glazed cabinets. Any style can turn out: country, neoclassical, even minimalism. As always, the apron, countertop, accessories will help to enhance the style. These facades are made of MDF, and covered with durable thermoplastic.

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