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Vintage poster, bright pouf and hanging planters we select inexpensive products that will help to update the interior of the bedroom.

7 бюджетных товаров для декора спальни | ivd.ru

1 Vintage poster

Light solid walls in the bedroom are well suited for placing decor. The easiest way to decorate them is with posters, you don’t even need to drill the wall for this: it’s enough to stick special hooks for paintings and posters. Choose images that match the color scheme of the room or stand out brightly against its background. For example, blue will look aesthetically pleasing next to white, gray and beige. A vintage theme is appropriate in any interior style: from classics to scandi. 

2 Scandinavian-style candle holder

Candlesticks in the form of small houses are often found in Scandinavian interiors: they make the interior more cozy when it’s dark and cold outside. They are placed on the windowsill, facing the room, and candles are lit when needed. It turns out the effect of windows in which the light is on, which adds warmth to any space, even not in the Scandinavian style.

3 Wooden box

A bedroom in scandi, eco or boho style can be supplemented with an ordinary wooden box. They put indoor plants in pots in it, put books or decor. You can hang it on the wall, attach it to the bed instead of a bedside table, or simply place it against a free wall. It turns out a concise, but at the same time aesthetic addition that goes well with wooden furniture.

4 Hanging planters

Hanging planters are a good accessory for small bedrooms in which there is no place to place pots with plants on horizontal surfaces. Use planters with suspensions of different lengths, hang them in front of the window and over the headboard. Choose different varieties of plants: the more diverse the final composition will look, the better. Just remember that you should be able to easily get a flower during watering to take it to the bathroom and return it to its place when the excess water merges. 

5 Mirror in a beautiful frame

Mirrors can be used in the bedroom not only for practical purposes, to examine yourself during the gathering, but also just for beauty. Pick up mirrors of different sizes and shapes, in interesting three-dimensional frames. They will beautifully reflect sunlight and the room itself, making the space visually more spacious. If you want to add a twist to the interior, take a closer look at the models in the vintage spirit.

6 Bright pouf

If you want to add femininity to the bedroom and create a boudoir atmosphere in it, use the appropriate little things. For example, a small velour upholstered ottoman near the dressing area or dressing table immediately makes the room more elegant and interesting. It is also convenient: you can sit on it when you need to fasten your shoes, or during makeup application.

7 Color carpet

Another easy way to add color to the bedroom is to use a colorful round carpet. Select it based on the available space. The product should not be too big, but also too small, so as not to get lost against the background of large furniture. The colors of the pattern can be bright and saturated or delicate pastel, the main thing is that they organically combine with each other and the rest of the textiles in the room.

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