Anti-trends-2023 in the interior: interview with the designer |

See what is no longer relevant in the design of the house.

Trends are a popular topic in interior design, because you want to design your house or apartment is relevant. And it is desirable not only to follow trends, but also to understand that the space will not become obsolete over time. It is equally important to know what is already outdated. This will help not to make mistakes in choosing a design and live in a comfortable space. 

In the new video, designer Anna Shimanova shared what, in her opinion, is no longer relevant in the interior. Moreover, the designer highlighted not short-term anti-trends, but what can be adopted for years to come. For example, clean styles, verified spaces have been on the list of anti-trends for several seasons and will definitely not move to the top of current techniques in the foreseeable future. There are also more practical tips: for example, do not cover the space of the walls and floor in the bathroom with tiles completely, but experiment with materials. Watch our video to learn more. 

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