ELLE DECORATION visiting designer Zlata Kornilova

We continue a series of excursions to the houses of famous designers and architects. Today we will visit the village house of designer Zlata Kornilova near Nizhny Novgorod. Stay tuned!

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

How did you choose this house?

We chose a house for country trips, outdoor recreation, away from the city. The log house was bought already with a ready-made layout, the main thing was the place! And the place is luxurious, far from the main village with a view of the field and the river!

What was the main idea of interior design?

The design of the house, if you can call it that, since no project was done, was formed spontaneously! There was only one basic idea — the absolute naturalness of the objects, their historicity, or something, as if everything in the house stood here five, ten, and a hundred years ago. In general — a rustic hut in an open field! Therefore, almost everything that makes up the furniture was not bought on purpose, but was collected for a long time. The interior is still far from being completed — for example, I sawed the headboard of the bed specifically for the video tour.

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

The house is alive, and alive in my understanding, it is made with your own hands. It is small, exactly such that it would be convenient to accommodate for two or three days off, but, as it turned out, it’s not too crowded to live in it in the circumstances. Everything is at hand and even a cup of coffee! The main thing is that the house stands in an open space, and this adds volume, air and light to it!

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

What is your favorite place in the house?

In life, I am a contemplator, I observe time… How it changes everything around us. Therefore, favorite places in the house depend on the weather outside the window. When it rains heavily, I sit closer to the window to see the droplets running down the glass. When the bright sun shines, I’m on the veranda, basking in its rays, dreaming. And at sunset I spend the day with a book in a chair.

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

What are your favorite interior items?

There are no favorite items, there are items that cause different emotions, memories, stories related to their appearance in the house. For example, as with the Tonet chair, which was found literally on the roof of an old house during an excursion walk on the roofs of the city.

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

Is your perfect day at home?

My perfect day is like a silent gentle morning. Unhurried, slow, slow… Be sure to catch the first rays of the sun. Quiet thoughts, notebook, pencil, plans, memories, dreams, moments of mood… A big cup of fragrant coffee and the dog Ray wrapped in a blanket is still dozing in my arms.

ELLE DECORATION в гостях у дизайнера Златы Корниловой

Dorozhkin Alexey

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