How to clean a frying pan from soot inside and out: effective ways for different materials

We tell you how to clean different types of frying pans from carbon deposits and not spoil their coating. We give advice on the choice and use of purchased and home cleaning products.

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

So that your favorite frying pan does not lose its attractive appearance, it needs to be properly cared for. First of all, it needs to be washed well after each cooking. That’s just it doesn’t always work out. It happens that a layer of carbon deposits is formed very quickly. Then it seems that it is easier to replace the dishes with a new one than to wash them. No need to hurry, everything can be fixed. We have collected effective ways to clean the pan from the most persistent contaminants. 

All about self-cleaning the frying pan


What you need to know before cleaning

Modern tableware is made of different materials using different technologies. Therefore, it is not always possible to clean it in the usual ways. There are many nuances that you need to know about before cleaning. Otherwise, the thing may be irreparably damaged. First of all, it is necessary to determine what the dishes are made of. It can be cast iron, one of the varieties of steel alloys or aluminum.

After that, it is determined whether there is a coating on the inside of the pan. And if there is, then what. It can be Teflon, its analogues or ceramics. The first option is short-lived and not strong enough. Such dishes should be handled especially carefully. The ceramic coating is stronger, but also quite capricious. Only after determining the material and type of spraying, you can start cleaning kitchen utensils.

We have prepared a table that will help you choose the right cleaning tactics.

 Heat treatment   Abrasives   Alkaline compositions  Acid compositions Washing in the dishwasher
Cast iron Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Steel No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aluminum No No Yes No Yes
Teflon coating No No Yes No Yes
Ceramic coating No No Yes No Yes

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

How to clean a frying pan from carbon from the inside

The means and method of exposure are chosen based on the material and type of coating. We offer the most effective options.

Cast iron

In cast-iron pans without an internal coating, food often burns. Such methods will help to get rid of pollution. 

For cast-iron surfaces, do not use too rigid brushes or metal grids. It is not recommended to leave the utensils for a long time in the water, rust may appear. 


Most often, pans are made of stainless steel. It tolerates any cleaning products well. But considering that you need to clean the surface inside, it’s better to limit yourself to the safest ones. This is boiling with soda or with vinegar and salt. Treatment with acetic or saline gruel will help. Heat treatment is strictly prohibited. Cleaning brushes should be chosen carefully. Too hard can scratch the surface, and this is undesirable.

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов


When cooking on aluminum surfaces, food also often burns. Getting rid of burnt food is easiest with the help of soda boiling. You can use any mild detergent instead of soda: soap, liquid for dishes. It is absolutely impossible to clean with preparations with chlorine and aggressive alkalis. They destroy aluminum. Do not use too hard brushes. They leave small scratches, because of which the food will burn even more.


This is a special non-stick coating, the food to which almost does not stick. If it does happen, use soap soaking. To do this, pour hot water inside and add a few spoonfuls of any detergent. Soap chips are also suitable, but it needs to be completely dissolved. Leave to cool, wash with a dish sponge. Soda boiling helps well. Teflon is fragile, it is easy to spoil it. Therefore, all abrasives, metal mesh and hard brushes are prohibited. 


Another non-stick coating, much stronger than Teflon. While the pan is still hot, traces of burnt food can be removed with a napkin soaked in vegetable oil. Dirt is removed from the cooled surface with a napkin soaked in alcohol. Soapy soaking and treatment with an oven cleaner help. This is an aggressive alkali, so before use, you need to dilute the composition with water in a ratio of 1:20. After cleaning, it is important to thoroughly wash off traces of chemicals. It is forbidden to clean ceramics with any abrasives, including soda, melamine sponges and hard washcloths. You can not boil and burn.

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

How to wash the carbon from the outside

The outer part of the dishes is much more polluted than the inner part. It can be very difficult to wash it. We have collected effective tools that will help clean the frying pan from soot at home. 

Household chemicals

The most effective and effective drugs. This is a group of chemicals based on aggressive acids or alkalis such as “Shumanite”, “Azelite”, Grizzly Unicum. They also include all means of carbon deposits and fat removers from “Amway”, “Cinderella”, “Sanita”, etc.

Aggressive chemistry actively dissolves the dried particles. Its use is considered the best way to clean the pan from old carbon. However, you need to use chemicals correctly. The instructions are always on the package, it needs to be studied. Here is a general algorithm for working with such drugs. 

Household chemicals are very aggressive. If you are not sure that she will not spoil the utensils, it is better to first conduct a test on an inconspicuous area. Only then process the dishes. 

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

Folk remedies 

To clean the frying pan from the outside, not only purchased, but also home remedies are suitable. We list the most effective of them. 

Washing powder + citric acid

Suitable for relatively fresh dirt. It cannot be used for aluminum utensils and objects with damaged coating. Dissolve the lemon in water in the proportion of a tablespoon per liter. Put the product in the solution, bring to a boil, boil for 20-30 minutes. Leave for one and a half to two hours. Rub with a brush or sponge. Add a little washing powder to the solution, boil it. Leave for an hour, then brush again and rinse. 

Vinegar + soda

Sprinkle the outer part of the product liberally with soda powder, spread it in a thin layer over the entire coating. Carefully pour it with table vinegar. A violent reaction will begin. After its completion, leave the utensils for half an hour or an hour to soften the contamination. After that, rub the hard side of the sponge, rinse and rinse. 

Soda + soap + glue

This method, it is also called Soviet, is the best option for how to clean a cast-iron frying pan from long-term carbon deposits. Fill a large container with water. Such that the frying pan completely fits. Boil water, add a bar of grated household soap, half a cup of stationery (silicate) glue and the same amount of soda ash. The latter can be replaced with food, it will need half of the package. Mix everything well. 

Remove the plastic parts from the utensils and lower it into the boiling mixture. Boil it over low heat for one to four hours. Fresh fat and carbon deposits will come off, the aged will soften. Rinse the cooled product, wipe off the remaining dirt with a stiff brush, rinse again. Repeat if necessary. 

Vegetable oil + washing powder

Another option of boiling. In 10 liters of water, dissolve half a cup of powder and five tablespoons of vegetable oil. Lower the utensils into the liquid, bring to a boil. Boil for half an hour, cool, rub with a sponge and rinse. 

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

High temperature

This method is only suitable for cast iron. Roasting is carried out in different ways: with a blowtorch, on a campfire or in the oven. We will analyze the heating on the stove. Remove all plastic parts from the frying pan, put it on the fire. Let it heat up so that the smoke goes. As soon as this happens, remove the product and place it in a container with cool water. From a sharp drop in temperature, the carbon will peel off. An important point: you can not keep the pan on the stove for too long, the cast iron may burst.  

Useful tips

We offer several life hacks that will help clean the utensils and extend their service life. 

Как очистить сковороду от нагара изнутри и снаружи: эффективные способы для разных материалов

Cast-iron cookware after cleaning and before the first use should be calcined with oil. To do this, spread it liberally with any vegetable oil, put it on fire and calcinate. You can do it in the oven. So a natural non-stick coating is formed on the surface, which does not allow food to stick. 

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