In order not to be lost: 6 necessary tips for storing food stocks

We are figuring out how to store different types of products in the apartment so that they do not deteriorate before the expiration date.

In the video, they gave tips on storing food stocks

1 Keep potatoes dry and warm

To keep potatoes in the apartment for a whole year and not turn green, and sprouts did not form on it, prepare a wooden box, cotton cloth and paper newspapers. Then sort through the tubers. Do this carefully: all crumpled and frozen root crops will have to be thrown out, since it is on them that mold forms, which spreads throughout the crop. It is by no means impossible to wash tubers, no matter how dirty they may seem. At most, wipe off excess earth with a dry brush. After that, put newspapers, cloth, potatoes and cloth again on the bottom of the drawer. Close it tightly so that no light gets inside. Now the box can be removed to the glazed balcony (but the tubers should not freeze), to the pantry or corridor. 

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2 Transfer the carrots and beets with moss

These vegetables can be stored together. To prevent them from spoiling and drying out for a long time, there is an unusual life hack: collect or buy sphagnum moss and dry it. Then cover each row of vegetables in the box with a layer of moss, it will not allow carrots and beets to rot or dry out for a year. Pre-shake off excess soil from them (but without using water or wet rags) and cut the tops at a distance of 3-4 cm from the root crop. 

Чтобы не пропали: 6 нужных советов по хранению продуктовых запасов

3 Put the onion and garlic in a bag or box

Onions and garlic can be stored in a canvas bag, but do not tighten the neck too much. A wooden box will also do. These vegetables need air, dryness and darkness. Leave the bag in the apartment away from the batteries or take it out to the glazed balcony. Put the part of the crop that will be used in the coming weeks in the vegetable department in the refrigerator, covering it with a dark cloth so that no sprouts appear. 

Чтобы не пропали: 6 нужных советов по хранению продуктовых запасов

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