In the corner, on the table or on the wall: 6 artificial Christmas trees that will suit everyone |

We select beautiful Christmas trees for different conditions: in a small room, a narrow corner or an apartment with animals.

В угол, на стол или на стену: 6 искусственных елок, которые подойдут всем |

1 If there is not enough space or you have a pet

It happens that you need to decorate a small room, but there is so little space that it is impossible to put a fir tree on the floor. If you still manage to do this, she will be touched when passing by, or the tree will have to be constantly rearranged: for example, when you need to lay out the sofa before going to bed. As a result, after a couple of days, the festive decor will be annoying, instead of uplifting.

In this case, you can use a wall-mounted artificial Christmas tree. Pick up light toys and a garland for her so that they do not fall to the floor. This model is also suitable for pet owners who like to study new items in the house and often drop them. A wall-mounted Christmas tree will most likely not attract them, and it will be more difficult to get to it.

2 For the home office

One of the most common mistakes in the New Year decoration of an apartment is that all the decor is concentrated in a certain room: for example, in the living room or hallway. As a result, the rest of the space looks casual and does not support a festive atmosphere.

To fix this, distribute the decor across all areas of the apartment. For example, in the home office, a small Christmas tree can be placed on the table. Such a reception will immediately change the strict atmosphere in the room. In addition, an artificial model is much more practical than live mini-Christmas trees in pots: in a warm room with dry air, they begin to turn yellow and crumble after about a week.

3 To put in the corner

Another solution for small or densely furnished rooms is a high, but narrow Christmas tree. It can be placed in a corner or just in a place where you have to walk often. Since it has a very small diameter (only 70 cm in the widest lower part), most likely you will not touch it. At the same time, the tree does not look too artificial: it has soft fluffy needles that evenly fills the entire space around the trunk.

4 To be as alive

Those who do not want to buy a live tree every year, but at the same time like the tree to look natural, will like realistic models. Their peculiarity is that the needles are made by the method of molded casting and visually do not differ from the real ones. In addition, such Christmas trees are not perfectly rounded and symmetrical, like most artificial ones. Their branches differ in length and are directed at different angles to look more like real spruce paws. At a height of 180 cm, the diameter of the lower tier will be about 145 cm suitable for a medium-sized room.

5 If you don’t want to hang a garland

Those who do not like to untangle a tangle of garlands every year and wrap a tree around it will like a spruce tree, which already has diodes built in. It connects to the network and looks as beautiful as in New Year’s movies: there are lights, but there are no annoying wires from them. Be sure to check the color temperature of the diodes: they must be warm white to get a cozy yellowish glow. The height of such a tree can be from 185 to 215 cm, and the diameter from 130 to 148 cm. Therefore, in order to accurately choose the size, determine in advance how much free space there is in the room.

6 For a spacious room

A Christmas tree in a spacious room should be proportional to the area and dimensions of the surrounding furniture. Too small decor will be lost against the background of large-scale objects and the tree itself. In this case, spruce trees with a height of 240 cm on a stable stand will be suitable (if the base looks unaesthetic, it can be disguised). The diameter of the lower tier will be about 150 cm: keep this in mind when choosing a place for a Christmas tree and buying toys and a garland.

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