Surprise from the doorstep: 5 relevant solutions for entrance doors

We talk about the trends and opportunities of the door industry.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

Doors have ceased to be an exclusively functional element: now acquaintance with the interior begins from the threshold, as well as with the owner of the house and his lifestyle. Together with the team of the Portal entrance door factory, we have identified five trending solutions for doors that can reflect the character of the owner and harmoniously fit into the exterior.

Bright doors and contrasting colors

The trend for bright colors has been going on for several years — deep saturated shades allow you to focus on the doorway and enliven the strict facade, and contrasting combinations add volume to the opening. The photo below shows a catchy yellow panel contrasting with the black color of the fittings and metal. This contrast makes the entrance group noticeable from afar. But, despite the expressive design, the features of the classical style are at the heart: a metal cornice, decorative milling and a door knocker, which is increasingly used to notify of the arrival of guests.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

White doors

One of the most popular requests that clients turn to the Portalle design team is a white door, a universal solution that suits most. One of Portalle’s favorite projects is a white entrance group with upper and side transoms. Glazing with sprats facilitates the construction and creates additional lighting in the house. The snow-white surface is diluted by laconic fittings in the color “chrome”.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

Arched transoms

Connoisseurs of classical style often design arched doorways: transoms with glazing will help them add grandeur without overloading the exterior. Thanks to the glazing, additional natural lighting and the possibility of viewing the street appear. An example of such a design was the project embodied by Portalle: the opening is decorated with stucco in the form of antique columns, the cobalt-colored door leaf is complemented by gold fittings and sprats, and the accent detail here is a bracket handle with an insert made of solid oak.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

Solid wood doors

Entrance doors made of natural wood are beautiful, but not always convenient. The array is heavy, requires special care and is sensitive to humidity levels. Therefore, the company Portalle creates doors from shipboard wood, which is used in the decoration of expensive yachts. The Spanish oak and African ceiba canvas retains its natural woody texture, lightness and water-repellent properties. The project can be implemented in any shade while preserving the texture of the tree. A popular solution is an entrance group made of shipboard wood with glazed transoms. The panel in the shade of “rosewood” harmoniously combines with gold fittings and black metal color. The image is complemented by a protective plate made of brass.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

Biometric locks

Biometric systems allow you to abandon the use of conventional keys and open the lock quickly, even if your hands are busy and it is difficult to get the keys out of your pockets. In addition, biometric locks are an increased level of security. They cannot be opened with a master key or by turning off the electricity in the house.

The combination of a glossy black panel and a biometric lock in chrome is an example of a laconic design with an emphasis on details. The color accent on the smart lock dilutes the dark gamut, prompting a person to enter the ”looking glass”.

Удивлять с порога: 5 актуальных решений для входных дверей

Apart from our list is an individual design trend that will always be relevant. The author’s idea can materialize into a real work of art, if there is an opportunity for implementation. You can implement any solutions with the Portal team, which creates custom doors: you can order an entrance group of non-standard size, choose different finishes for each side, as well as arrange the entrance with double-glazed windows, decorative grilles or transoms.

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