What to give: 10 useful interior gifts for February 23

We suggest that you can present it to a guy, husband or friend, it will be useful to him at home. 

Что подарить: 10 полезных интерьерных подарков на 23 февраля

1 Coffee maker

If a man loves this drink, then the gift will definitely come in handy. The easiest thing is to choose a capsule coffee maker, it is easy to use, and you can also experiment with the flavors of the drink, fortunately, the choice of capsules is now large.

Do not forget to add one package to the gift so that the recipient can immediately use the coffee maker.

2 Smart speaker

A thing that many people have today. He turns on music, talks about the weather, finds any information on the Internet on request, sometimes he can just become an interlocutor (pleasant or not depends on the situation). In general, it is quite a useful thing, and fashionable. After all, making a house a little smarter is a trend, and men are usually not indifferent to technological innovations. 

3 Plaid 

Lie on the couch in front of the TV? Or sit in a chair with a book? In any case, it is more pleasant to do it under a cozy blanket. And this is the kind of comfort you can give a man on February 23. Choose something plain, preferably from a material that can be washed in a typewriter so it is more practical. 

4 Grill

With a grill, it’s easy to cook delicious meat, fish, vegetables or fry sandwiches. And if your man does not think that cooking is exclusively a woman’s business, then he may like such a gift.

5 Sandwich maker

Another “kitchen” device. Sandwich makers are produced both exclusively for heating sandwiches, and with replaceable panels on which you can also fry waffles or make something on the grill. If a man likes snacks, this gift will come in handy. 

6 Steamer

Ironing things is not a very exciting activity, but it is necessary. And if the man to whom you choose a present cares about his image, he may like such a gift with a steamer it is easier to put a shirt or trousers in order than with an iron. 

7 Orthopedic pillow

A pleasant and useful gift, because sleep is the key to good health, no matter how banal it may sound. Perhaps this is the kind of care your man needs. 

8 Desktop Organizer

It is necessary to put the desktop in order, because this will lead to better concentration and productivity, which is sometimes so lacking in remote work. Therefore, an organizer for papers and stationery can be useful.

9 Robot Vacuum cleaner

Why not? If a man lives alone, he will make it easier for him to clean, and if you are together, then life together will become easier. Everything is in the black! You can choose a smart device that will be controlled from a smartphone, build a map of the cleaning room, turn on the timer. In general, modern technology is full of advantages.

10 Wine Set

Such sets usually include a corkscrew, an airtight bottle stopper (in case the whole portion was not drunk at dinner), an aerator that saturates the wine with oxygen. Sometimes a knife is included, for example, to cut off the label, and a ring that prevents drops from flowing down the bottle. A useful gift for those who love wine!

What will you give a man?

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