6 beautiful ways to diversify the interior in the new season

Getting ready for spring: these methods will help to bring something new to the interior without repair.

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

1 Put a large plant

Sometimes one large-scale detail can turn the whole interior upside down. For example, a large palm tree in a stylish floor planter will immediately breathe natural freshness into the house, make the space more natural, natural. The larger the plant, the more area is required for it. You can’t just take and put a luxurious monster in a 10-meter room filled with furniture. The plant will simply have nowhere to develop. But if you have an empty corner or even a part of the wall, a solution with a flower is ideal for a quick transformation of the interior without repair.

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

2 Hang up the electric fireplace

The fireplace in the interior is always about coziness and comfort. And an electric fireplace is a worthy alternative to the classic wood-burning one. In addition, it can be installed in any house, and for this you do not need to do a large-scale alteration of the already habitable interior. Or in an apartment where real fireplaces most often simply cannot be made.

Decorative fuel is provided in electric fireplaces. For example, Electrolux has two options: classic firewood (they are painted by hand to more accurately convey the texture of natural wood), and laconic white stones (ideal for minimalism and high-tech style).

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

If you want the most realistic look, you should take a closer look at Electrolux fireplaces. They are created using technology Real Fire Perfect, thanks to which you will have the feeling that you are relaxing next to a classic wood-burning fireplace. The flame effect looks best in series with a panoramic front panel, for example, at the EFP/W-1200URLS wall fireplace with a width of almost 90 cm. In addition, all models reproduce the sound of crackling wood.

3 Repaint the kitchen apron

You can also update the design of the apron yourself and without resorting to a global alteration. For example, just repaint the tile in a new color. It is better to put several layers of paint to cover the previous shade. And, of course, for a dark apron, the new shade should also be darker and richer. But light tiles can be painted as you like. Another option for updating this zone is to replace the grout of the interlayer seams. For example, if you used to have a grout to match the tile, now you can choose a contrasting shade. The combination will immediately become more graphic and spectacular.

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

4 Refresh the furniture

There are many options for updating furniture: paint or varnish the wooden parts, replace the fittings with a new and more spectacular one, decorate the facades with a stencil pattern or wallpaper. If you are not a very experienced renovator, it makes sense to stop at something elementary, for example, to replace the handles on the drawers of an old chest of drawers. By undertaking more complex manipulations with furniture without sufficient experience, you can ruin your favorite item forever. 

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

5 Change the headboard of the bed

To make the interior more bright and spectacular, we will help you with just one detail – a new headboard. It can be made to order or update the old one, for example, repaint. To create a bright accent, choose a richer color palette, active textured materials or unusual prints. And if you want updates, but you are not ready for contrasting solutions in the bedroom, choose something neutral. For example, wooden slabs or a soft fabric headboard covered with velvet material look beautiful and at the same time impressive.

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

6 Move furniture

Rearrangement will help to identify new zones and reconsider the need for old ones. After the furniture has taken its place, the apartment looks completely different, as if after renovation. Rearrangement is not the easiest way to upgrade, and you may need the help of movers, but we are talking about heavy furniture. So that efforts are not wasted, calculate all the sizes of furniture in advance and determine the places where it will stand most comfortably. Be careful with the flooring: wood and laminate can easily be scratched if you move furniture directly on the floor. 

 6 красивых способов разнообразить интерьер в новом сезоне

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