6 New Year’s products from IKEA that are available in Russia right now | ivd.ru

You may have heard the news that Yandex.Market has officially bought the goods of the temporarily departed Swedish brand, and now they can be purchased there. We have made a thematic New Year’s selection.

6 новогодних товаров от ИКЕА, которые доступны в России прямо сейчас | ivd.ru

1 Garland on batteries “Sneyra” 

It is already difficult to imagine decorating a house or apartment for the New Year without an LED garland. Moreover, it is hung not only on the Christmas tree, window openings, headboard, walls, shelves are decorated, put in transparent jars or glasses, and thus complement the space with a festive atmosphere. Multicolored garlands are less popular, for a stylish decor it is worth choosing monochrome ones with warm or cold light, it already depends on taste. This garland has a warm white light. The length is almost 5 meters, so it can be stretched along a shelf on the wall or decorate a small Christmas tree. It is battery powered, so there will be no need to look for an outlet or pull extension cords. And there is also a built-in timer to turn on the garland every day at a certain time for six hours, it is convenient, for example, if you are at work during the day, and you want to create that festive mood at home by the time you arrive. However, it is not necessary to hang it on the street (or balcony) only for internal use.

2 Hanging ornaments “Anledning”

On the Christmas tree, on the window, on the wall, such paper decorations can be placed anywhere. And their advantage is that after the holiday, the decor can be left on the same window or as a wall decoration. Visually, they do not carry an explicit reference to the New Year, so they will remain relevant. And another argument in their favor is minimalism. Today it is no longer just a trend, but a way of life to give up excess and too bright decor, even in the matter of Christmas decorations.

3 Set of Christmas tree toys “Winter”

Seven small cones are a set that will help add a Scandinavian mood to the New Year’s decoration of the house. They are neutral in color, without gloss, again, in the spirit of trendy minimalism. But the same characteristics are relevant for the Scandinavian style. You can use them to decorate the Christmas tree as background accessories or, for example, decorate bare twigs in a vase and put this kind of decor on the table is also in fashion. 

4 Light figure “Fortyusning”

Unobtrusively and universally, this is about how you can describe this decoration. You can put it on a coffee table as an addition to another decor in the room (the same Christmas tree). Or use it as a festive night light on the bedside table. Although visually the thing is universal, so it can be left as an accessory after the holiday! The figure runs on batteries, but it is not worth taking it outside (if you suddenly live in a private house or plan to celebrate at the dacha), it is intended for indoor use.

5 Packaging paper “Winter”

Where without gifts for the New Year! Of course, you can put things in a bag or ask to pack them in a store, but there are also those who prefer to pack boxes themselves, this is a kind of ritual. Packaging paper in IKEA, traditionally, there were several types. On Yandex. We chose a few on the Market with a pattern of mistletoe (a plant traditional for Swedish Christmas). 

6 Garland “Strola”

Another garland in our selection, but of a completely different design, is gilded leaves on branches that are intertwined with small LEDs. This decoration will definitely become an accent and will attract a lot of attention. Perhaps it is better not to place it behind the Christmas tree in order to highlight even more and use it solo: on the dining table, in a transparent vase.

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