7 beautiful flowers that will bloom even in poor soil

I really want a beautiful front garden, but the soil in the suburban area leaves much to be desired? No problem there are plants that will delight with juicy inflorescences even in such a land.

What to grow on poor soil? We list the flowers

1 Yarrow ordinary

This perennial plant is known primarily for its medicinal properties. But it also looks beautiful in the garden, surrounded by other flowers, gives the front garden its lightness and airiness. The most common variety is white, but you can also find seeds of pink, blue, yellow shades. This is not just an unpretentious plant, ready for poor soil: in fertile soil it would increase its mass too much to the detriment of flowering. There is no flowering, there is no beauty in the garden. It is better to deal with seedlings for yarrow in March, and transfer them to the open ground in May.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

2 Felicia raznolistnaya

Cute blue flowers are Felicia. The plant is simple, but in this simplicity lies a special charm. Moreover, it does not impose any special requirements on the soil and will be able to grow in depleted land. Since the flower comes from South Africa, the relationship with the sun is good, you can safely plant seedlings in a sunny flower bed. Felicia begins to bloom closer to the middle of summer, and this period lasts up to two months for quite a long time. Fluffy bushes with blue inflorescences grow up to almost a meter, around 40-50 cm.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

3 Oregano ordinary

In poor soil, oregano will grow well and they are also used to it as a simple medicinal herb, and, meanwhile, it looks decent in the front garden. Plant it next to other flowering crops with larger buds will turn out beautifully and harmoniously. Oregano is suitable for both poor soil and depleted land. At the same time, it does not require special care during the planting and flowering period and calmly tolerates weather changes. Bushes, which are usually 30-60 cm tall, can be formed by pruning, setting the direction for subsequent growth.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

4 Leia elegant

Already in April, you can start planting this cute plant Leia elegant in the open ground. Her flowers really look elegant: smooth circles consisting of small yellow petals bordered with white. The plant looks especially interesting in a flower bed when the inflorescences are located close to each other and form a “cap”. The peak of flowering occurs in the second half of summer. The process begins in July and can last until the end of autumn, depending on how cold it is.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

5 Anacyclus

An unusual sonorous name hides a flower that looks like a daisy. We are talking about the variety “anacyclus bulavidny” the most common and the most unpretentious. The quality of the soil does not bother him, he will grow and bloom perfectly in any conditions. Another undemanding variety is radiant. It doesn’t look like a chamomile anymore, because both the core and the petals are yellow, hence the name. Such small suns will be a good decoration of the front garden. And a noticeable plant can reach 85 cm in height. Seedlings for both types are prepared in April, and planting is carried out in May.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

6 Arends Saxifrage

If you want a colorful flowering as early as possible, get a Arends saxifrage in your garden. A plant with a telling name blooms already in May. He has bright red or bright pink medium-sized flowers. And although this period is short-lived, the rest of the time the bright green growth resembles a thick, fluffy carpet, a good background for your other plants that bloom later.

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

7 Red Skerda

This variety of skerda has petals of a very beautiful color, and with a gradient, the shade goes from bright pink in the middle to delicate at the tips. Despite the fact that the specimen is not sensitive to the quality of the land, it is better not to plant it on the sunny part of the garden. Rather, it can be done, but then you need not forget about regular and abundant watering, otherwise the flowering period will be reduced. The plant is low and reaches a maximum of 20 cm .

7 красивых цветов, которые будут цвести даже в бедном грунте

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