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Take paper stars, dried fruits and fir garlands into service, how to decorate the house for the holiday, without putting extra effort.

How to decorate a house for the New Year simply, but beautifully? Told in the video

1 Paper stars

Paper stars are easy to make with your own hands, but you can also buy ready-made ones. There are many design options: with illumination, perforation or painting. But even the most ordinary white stars made of paper or cardboard in the interior look very impressive. They will look good on walls and windows, as decorations for a Christmas tree or a pendant on a chandelier. Several of these paper accessories will make the apartment cozy and festive in winter without too much variety.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

2 Dried fruits

There is nothing easier than drying orange rings and then hanging them all over the house. For example, in the form of garlands or individual decorations on the Christmas tree, as a pendant on the fittings of cabinets or as an element of festive serving. This decoration does not require any additional financial and time investments, but looks very unusual and beautiful. In addition, citrus rings exude a subtle fresh fragrance that will create a special mood at home.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

3 Poster

A couple of themed posters with drawings or inscriptions will instantly create a New Year mood in the interior. They can be hung on the wall or mounted on a chest of drawers or closet. But do not abuse bright posters so as not to overload the space: a couple of pieces will be enough, and it is better to complement them with other types of decor. By the way, a beautiful New Year’s poster can be made by yourself with the help of paints or other improvised materials.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

4 Gingerbread houses

Beautiful and bright gingerbread houses can be assembled from purchased sets, decorate them with multicolored or white glaze. And if you know how to bake, try to make the “details” yourself from ginger dough. After the house freezes, you can put it on a tray and decorate any surface in the house with it. The combination of baking and LED garlands, figurines or Christmas tree toys looks great. In the interior, such a New Year’s vignette immediately catches the eye, sometimes it alone is enough to give the room a Christmas atmosphere.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

5 Fir garland

A fir garland can be an independent decoration or complement a Christmas tree. In both cases, it looks beautiful and very festive. A coniferous composition can be fixed on a door or closet, decorate the headboard in the bedroom or a window opening in the kitchen with it. This decoration looks great both in decorated and in its natural form. Spruce branches can be supplemented with Christmas tree toys or enveloped with LEDs. As a garland, even just a large branch suspended on the wall by a rope can act. It turns out a natural decor, which at the same time becomes a bright accent in the interior.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

6 Bows 

If you want to add grandeur to the New Year’s interior, use beautiful bows made of red, white or any other festive ribbon. But do not get carried away with a variety of shades: stop at one, maximum two colors, so that the eyes do not ripple from such a decor. Fabric bows can decorate the Christmas tree, furniture, shelves, curtains and anything you want. 

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

7 Thematic textiles

To quickly transform the interior, it is enough to update textiles. In the living room, it can be decorative pillows and a plaid with a Christmas ornament. A festive set of bed linen or a cozy soft bedspread looks appropriate in the bedroom, and in the hallway you can change the door mat for a while. Towels, tablecloths or textile napkins will transform the interior of the kitchen.

7 простых, но ярких идей декора на Новый год | ivd.ru

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