A two-light apartment on the site of a workshop in Paris: a project by Sarah Lavoine

Designer Sarah Lavoine turned a former Paris studio into an apartment filled with light and bright colors under the roof — with a leopard track on the stairs, a blue dining room and a green kitchen


This former workshop is located in an Art Deco house built in 1925 under the direction of architect Paul Garofalo. Over the years, she has seen different owners, until finally a family of Parisian lawyers with children settled here. “They immediately fell in love with the light—flooded space and the atmosphere of the quarter,” says designer Sarah Lavoine, whose studio Maison Sarah Lavoine was engaged in the reconstruction of the apartments. The customers asked her to create a place where there is a personal corner for each family member — both for adults and for children.


In the two-light living room with large dormer windows, the designer made a white base (walls, ceiling and balconies) so that the light pouring from above reflected from the surfaces and scattered around the room. Several large objects act as color accents: a burgundy velvet sofa, a table with a geometric blue-and-white tabletop and a black-and-white carpet with yellow spots. The staircase to the second level was decorated with a leopard print path, which refers to one of the favorite costumes of the famous Parisian decorator Madeleine Castaing.

On the balcony of the second floor there is a library filled with books from floor to ceiling. “The owners love to read, and it was important to find a place for their extensive library at any cost,” explains the designer. “We had to count all the volumes and determine their basic sizes to make convenient bookshelves!”.


At the end of the library there is a reading corner with the legendary LC4 chair by Charlotte Perriand and Le Corbusier. Next to it is a Tokyo floor lamp, Maison Sarah Lavoine.

Next to the living room and kitchen, separated by a glass partition, there is a dining room. For this interior, Sarah chose an intense and noble shade of blue with an admixture of purple Broadway Blue from the palette of her brand Maison Sarah Lavoine. The family gathers at a dining table with a rattan base and a table top made of light Carrara marble.


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