Cozy country house of fashion designer Cecilia Bjork

Take a look inside and be inspired by the interiors of this small but cozy summer house in the west of the Swedish province of Skåne

Is it possible to pass by a small summer house with a cozy, rustic atmosphere and a magical view of the sea? Of course not! “As soon as we saw the ad on the Internet, we immediately realized: this is our house,” says the owner of this Swedish cottage, Cecilia Bjork. — And our confidence in this has only become stronger when we arrived here. This house calmed us, lulled and pacified us, and the place was stunningly beautiful.”


The house was built in 1932 and is located in Skalderviken in the west of Skåne. At that time, Cecilia and Patrick had known each other for only three months, but what you can’t do when you’re in love and a little crazy… “We were ready to move mountains, in other words, the deplorable state of the house did not bother us at all, we were eager to repair it, although we had never done it before and had a minimum budget for repairs, Cecilia laughs. — Naive? Of course! But they say fools and lovers are always lucky.”


With the help of a good friend and their own research on the Internet, they threw themselves into work and really renovated the house in record time — in just nine months! Then it was insulated for the winter, so that you could come not only for summer weekends, and then supplemented with a glazed veranda. A small redevelopment was done inside. For example, the former entrance hall and kitchen turned into a bathroom with a laundry room, and the kitchen is now combined with a dining room and a living room on the spacious ground floor.


From the very beginning, Cecilia and Patrick knew that they absolutely wanted to preserve the unique atmosphere of the old house. There is no wallpaper, no expensive furniture and luxurious furnishings — everything is very simple and authentic. Natural materials, natural colors, rough wooden furniture and vintage items — all this creates a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere here, which the owners liked so much at first sight. What could not be saved during the repair was replaced with a similar one in the same style.

Although the upper floor had to be “redrawn” in order to open the ceilings. “It was so low there that it was barely possible to stand tall. We removed the ceiling above the living room and opened the space up to the crest — so we managed to let in even more light and air. It’s almost like a church there now,” Cecilia smiles.


Three years later, the couple had twins Kali and Siam, and 70 square meters was not enough for a large family with children. The house had to be expanded to 160 sq. m. meters. The living room was enlarged and an extension was made with another bedroom. This time the construction company was engaged in the work, the owners realized that they would not pull another repair themselves.


Cecilia deals with the interiors of their family nest herself. She has traveled a lot, lived in the USA, Austria, France, studied art and fashion design in London, worked in the fashion industry for five years and is well versed in trends and decorative art. But she designed her house without regard to fashion and fleeting trends, betting on comfort, coziness and timeless values like natural materials and natural shades.

“Once I was a free migratory bird, afraid to get caught in the “cage” of everyday life. Now everything is different. Home is everything to me. This is our fortress, a place where we relax with children, gain strength and feel like a truly united Family,” she says. — I became a real house cat. Home is my anchor, my place of strength. I like to walk around the neighborhood, and the sea is just a stone’s throw away, and we swim all year round. Never be afraid of change!”.


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