Elegant apartment of 86 m2 in Moscow

Designers Olga Sorokoletova and Maria Kiryushina have created a cozy interior that combines French elegance and Scandinavian restraint

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Kitchen-living room. Paint, Little Greene. Engineering board, Coswick. Sofa, BoConcept. Floor lamp, Louis Poulsen. Spot light, IKEA. Decor, Vitra. Pillows, Arket. Plaid, Lissoy. Curtains, Togas. Carpet, Zara Home. Cornice and baseboard, Orac Decor. Embroidery by artist Alina Zolotykh, Art & Brut Gallery.


  • Property type: apartment in a new building

  • Where is located: Residential complex “Residences of Composers”

  • Square footage: 86 m2

  • Style: modern classics with scandi elements

  • The main idea of the project: to create an interior that reflects the love of customers for Paris and Copenhagen

  • Color scheme: shades of wood, neutral gray, ecru

  • The authors of the project: designer Olga Sorokoletova and Maria Kiryushina, T.: +7 (916) 382-56-25, +7 (926) 336-07-32, [email protected] , [email protected]

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Bedside table and coffee table, Dantone Home. Buffet, IKEA.

The project’s customers are designer Maria Kiryushina and her husband Andrey. The couple loves to travel, while he prefers the style of the Scandinavian region, and she has long been in love with France. For help in the design of a new apartment, Maria turned to her colleague Olga Sorokoletova. “Our goal was to combine the elegance of the classics with the enveloping comfort of the interiors of houses in Copenhagen and Stockholm,” the designers say.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Kitchen, Dantone Home. Dining table, Gramercy Home. Chairs, La Forma. Kate Spade pendant lamp, Visual Comfort. Technique, Neff.

“The layout was thought out in the process of choosing an apartment and was the determining factor when buying. Therefore, we managed to develop an ideal planning solution – with spacious rooms and plenty of storage space.”

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Bedroom. Bed and bedside tables, Dantone Home. Pendant lights, Normann Copenhagen. Chandelier, Gramercy Home. Curtains, Togas. Pillows, Arket. Cornice, baseboard and moldings, Orac Decor.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Armchair, coffee table and carpet, Zara Home. Mirror, Louvre Home. Table lamp, La Forma. Decor, Vitra. Candle, Loewe.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Dressing table, Rooma Design. Chair, Unika Moblar. Table lamp, Artemide.

“We tried to create a calm, peaceful interior that can transform over time, be filled with new things without losing its integrity. Therefore, we have abandoned active elements in favor of natural materials and natural colors.”

The whole apartment is designed in gray tones, only the designers decided to “paint” the nursery with wallpaper depicting a fabulous village. A note of Parisian charm is brought to the interior by elegant ceiling moldings and moldings, while the open texture of wood and laconic forms of furniture refer to the Scandinavian style.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Children’s room. Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball. Chest of drawers, IKEA. Pens, Zara Home. Table lamp, Kare Design. Chair, IKEA.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Bathroom. Paint, Benjamin Moore. Tile, Fap Ceramiche. Plumbing, Villeroy & Boch. Cabinet under the sink, Mobo. Mirror, Louvre Home. Faucets, Fima. Bra, Nuura.

“When the stage of decoration came, the couple ordered several decorative items, including a ceramic bird from Vitra, only a cat arrived instead. The customers planned to take it back, but every time they tried to pack it or move it, both their dogs expressed violent indignation, which is repeated now, so they decided that this was a sign and by chance this cat was the first to enter the new house,” the authors of the project add.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

Hallway. Floor tiles, TopCer. Console, The Sarai. Mirrors, La Forma. Poof, Softline.

Элегантная квартира 86 м² в Москве

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