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Every time you doubt whether the egg is fresh in the refrigerator? Don’t remember the production date and can’t calculate the expiration date? In the article we talk about the optimal shelf life of eggs, ways to determine their freshness and give some useful tips.

Сколько хранятся яйца в холодильнике: сроки, правила, советы |

It is difficult to imagine an adult’s diet without eggs. It is not only a nutritious option for breakfast or a snack, but also an essential ingredient for baking. So they are always in the kitchen! But do you know the optimal shelf life of eggs in the refrigerator and the rules for their placement on the shelves? In the article we will tell you how to keep these products fresh for as long as possible, how to check if the product is not spoiled and what accessories can be used.

The video listed the basic rules for storing eggs

All about storing eggs in the refrigerator

How and how long to store eggs

It is mandatory for every housewife to know exactly what time is allotted for chicken eggs. Although they have many useful properties, in a spoiled form they can cause serious poisoning. Ignorance in this case is dangerous, especially if you cook homemade mayonnaise and other dishes without heat treatment.

How long are raw eggs stored in the refrigerator and in the room

Eggs that have not been subjected to heat treatment remain fresh in the refrigerator for 28 days, that is, about a month. The temperature should be +2 +4 °C, so the drawers at the bottom of the refrigerator, designed by the manufacturer for vegetables and fruits, are well suited for storage.

At room temperature of about +20 ° C, keep the eggs for no more than a week. However, it is worth doing this in any case only if there is an urgent need, for example, on a hike or at a dacha where there is no refrigerator. Not in cold conditions, the probability of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms is much higher.

There is also such a thing as “dietary” eggs. They are found on store shelves much less often, and they were named so because of the maximum concentration of nutrients. This is achieved precisely due to the short shelf life, such products remain fresh conditionally up to 7-8 days. Why “conditionally”? It is logical that after this period, the egg will go into the category of ordinary, canteens. But if the labeling on the package means a dietary category (the letter “D”), then we rely on such a short period of freshness.

Let’s briefly list the basic rules.

Сколько хранятся яйца в холодильнике: сроки, правила, советы |

What to do with already washed raw products

Sometimes it happens that one or two eggs from the already washed ones were not useful in the planned dish. Should I throw them out or eat them right away? Actually, not necessarily. You will have 12 days during which the products will still be suitable for food. But keep in mind that this is the maximum period, designed exclusively for cold conditions.

How long are boiled eggs stored in the refrigerator

The shelf life of hard-boiled foods is significantly reduced, and it is better to eat them within a week. Again: the sooner the better. Cracked eggs during cooking remain edible for no more than 48 hours. The same period is for soft-boiled, although Rospotrebnadzor does not recommend this method of cooking at all.

Easter eggs painted with folk remedies do not change the conditions and shelf life. But if you used thermal film as a decoration or artificial dyes, then the maximum is when you can eat them in 4-5 days.

And what to do with peeled eggs? As a rule, they are stored no more than 2-3 days. During this period, also focus on the appearance and smell of the product.

Quail eggs

They have long been not uncommon and are especially loved by fans of proper nutrition. They not only perfectly complement the diet, but also are stored much longer. They remain fresh in the refrigerator for 2 months, at room temperature for about 30 days. In addition, it is better to keep quail eggs in a closed container.

Сколько хранятся яйца в холодильнике: сроки, правила, советы |

Common mistakes

Let’s figure out what actions we are used to have a bad effect on the freshness of products.

Сколько хранятся яйца в холодильнике: сроки, правила, советы |

How to distinguish fresh from spoiled

In order not to accidentally eat a rotten egg and not get poisoned, it is important to know various ways to determine its freshness.

Сколько хранятся яйца в холодильнике: сроки, правила, советы |

What to store

Consider a number of storage accessories that will help extend the shelf life of chicken eggs in the refrigerator.

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