How to plant mango: algorithm of actions and tips for care

Have you been wanting a new home plant for a long time? Do not rush to buy a ready-made seedling, because you can grow a tropical tree from a mango seed yourself! We share all the stages and nuances of the process, and also help to understand the care of the exotic.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

Mango is a sweet and juicy fruit that leaves few people indifferent. And, although growing a tree at home, it is unlikely that you will be able to harvest exotic fruits, the process itself can give you considerable pleasure. And as a result of such an experiment, you will have a beautiful houseplant, which is easy to take care of. We tell you how to grow a mango from a stone and provide it with a long life in a pot.

Detailed instructions for planting mango


How to choose the right fruit in the store

In summer, any plant feels better, has stronger immunity and is more capable of active growth. Mango tree sprouts will also feel the beneficial effects of heat and light. But lovers of such experiments are engaged in growing fruit seeds all year round. If you decide to plant an exotic in autumn or winter, you just have to use additional lighting (a phytolamp) and monitor the temperature and humidity levels more closely.

Before planting a mango seed at home, you need to choose a fruit. In Russia, you can buy mango all year round, depending on the store. But the peak season falls on July-August. Probably, it is during this period that it will be possible to acquire the best ripened fruit. The key to success in growing its seeds is maximum ripeness. Let’s tell you what to focus on at the fruit counter.

You should not be afraid of over-ripeness. Moreover, such a fruit has an additional plus, the bone inside may be burst, which will facilitate the task of extracting seeds.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

How to plant a mango seed correctly

So, the ripe fruit is in your pocket. The sweet pulp is eaten. Now we are figuring out how to plant mango from a stone at home in order to get not only gastronomic pleasure. The process is multi-stage.

Extraction of seeds from the seed pit

If you come across an over-ripe exotic, then, most likely, the bone will be slightly open. You will only need to carefully pick up the opened part and get the seed. By the way, it will look like beans. If the core is closed, split it as carefully as possible, the most important thing here is not to damage the embryo inside. Sometimes the bone does not lend itself to gentle manipulation. Then you will have to leave it in a transparent container filled with water for a couple of weeks to soften the walls. It is necessary to change the water every couple of days. Moreover, some, thinking how to plant a mango seed, confuse this concept with a bone and do not open this, in fact, protective shell.

Preparation of the material for planting

When the seed is extracted, the most interesting thing begins its preparation for planting. The initial stage will largely determine the success of the whole venture. How to plant a mango from a stone at home so that a vulnerable little seed does not catch the disease? To prevent this possibility, treat it with a solution of potassium permanganate or a fungicide. After that, you need to germinate a seed on its surface, a small sprout will sprout. There are several ways to germinate a seed.

Usually 2-3 weeks pass before the appearance of the sprout. It is pecked between two slices of the kernel, with a pointed edge.

Selection of soil and pot

As soon as you notice that the sprout has hatched and lengthened a little, start selecting a pot in which it will grow and develop comfortably. Keep in mind that in natural conditions a tree can grow huge up to 45 m in height. This is unlikely to happen in an apartment, but the rate of upward growth will be fast, especially if all conditions are provided to the seedling. Therefore, immediately lay down the prospects for growth in the size of the pot.

It can be high and rather narrow in diameter, as the root system develops in depth. But keep the balance in too large a tub, the soil can dry for a long time, sour, rot, which will not have a beneficial effect on the bush. Flower growers are advised to use ceramic pots. The presence of a drainage hole from below is critically important.

Mango is not very demanding on the composition of the earth. A universal primer with a neutral level of acidity will do. pH information is indicated on packages with soil, but it would be useful to purchase your own acidity meter, it is inexpensive. An alternative to the universal soil will be a mixture of peat with sand of a large fraction in a ratio of 2 to 1.

How to plant a mango seed

In fact, in order to plant a fruit seed in the ground, you do not need to perform any particularly complex manipulations. The procedure is usual, the main thing is to follow the algorithm and take into account the needs of a tropical plant.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

Help after landing

Once in the ground, the young plant does not cease to be vulnerable. After the procedure, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition and development of planting.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

Basic rules of care

Now you have a new full-fledged houseplant that you grew and went out with your own hands. It’s nice! But do not forget about regular thorough care. Of course, mango is not such a demanding pet as, for example, an orchid, but you still have to follow a few rules.

Where to put the mango

This is a tropical plant, accustomed to the scorching sun and growing beautifully under its rays. Therefore, now that the sprout has hatched and strengthened, it is permissible to rearrange the pot with it on the windowsill, the southern one is optimal. The difficulty will be the opposite: bright lighting should be provided to the seedling also in winter. You can use a phytolamp, which some other plant specimens will probably be happy to be under.

Optimal temperature regime and humidity level

There are no special preferences in terms of temperature for a tropical seedling. He is comfortable at +25-26 degrees, and this is the usual level maintained in apartments. Just avoid sudden changes, it is better not to take the mango outside in the cold and not to move it to the balcony in the heat of the heat. But the tropical resident welcomes the increased humidity. Maintain it with a humidifier (preferably installed nearby) or daily sprays.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

How to water and spray a flower

It is necessary to water the bush a couple of times a week, trying not to overfill it, but at the same time not allowing the soil to dry out. It is best to prepare the water in advance so that it settles and heats up to room temperature. Spraying the plant is almost impossible to harm, spend them at least every day. On hot dry days or during the heating season, even several times a day.


Before applying fertilizers to the soil, wait a few months after planting, let the plant fully adapt to a new life. Then start additional nutrition with organic mango reacts well to humus. However, don’t overdo it twice a year is enough. Nitrogen-containing top dressing will also be a great help. You need to make them at least with a two-week break after organic.

Pruning and transplanting

As we wrote earlier, mango grows fast and mostly upwards. Therefore, in order to prevent the growth to gigantic sizes and to form a beautiful crown, the tree needs to be pruned periodically. The first such procedure can be carried out in the presence of 8 leaflets. Then once or twice a year.

Transplanting a tree for the first time is not earlier than in a year. The size of the pot you initially selected should have a growth reserve. But when it outgrows it, pick up a container a few centimeters larger in diameter.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

Possible pests and diseases

Mango is most susceptible to pests such as thrips and spider mites. They suck the cellular juice out of the plant, thereby depleting it, but it will not be possible to notice the presence of small insects right away. The symptom may be a rusty plaque on the leaves and the general stunted condition of the bush. You can fight this scourge with special means from the store (for example, colloidal sulfur) or folk methods (yarrow decoction).

Not only insects can harm the plant, sometimes overflow and excess humidity play a key role. In the case of our specimen, they cause anthracnose, a fungal disease that manifests itself in dark brown spots on the leaves. Having noticed them, plan a transplant, during which you need to disinfect the roots, and then reduce the amount of watering and the overall humidity level.

Как посадить манго: алгоритм действий и советы по уходу

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