How to wash a pen from clothes: 15 working ways |

We tell you how and how to remove traces of gel and ballpoint pens from clothes. We give tips on removing stains from different types of textiles.

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

Ink marks appear on clothes very often, especially among students, schoolchildren and office workers. It seems to be a small problem, but it is not always possible to clean the ink spot without a trace. We have prepared a selection of the most effective techniques on how to wash a pen from clothes and not spoil the material. 

All about removing ink spots


Rules for removing stains

If an ink mark appears on the textile, it should be processed as soon as possible. In order not to aggravate the situation and not to increase pollution, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules when processing it. 

What needs to be done first

The freshly placed mark, which has not yet had time to be absorbed, is covered with any absorbent. Talc, crushed chalk, baby powder, even fine salt will do. The purpose of the procedure is to “pull out” a part of the paste that has not yet dried into powder. The less dye gets on the fabric, the easier it is to remove it. The absorbent is left for a few minutes, then gently cleaned off. After that, wipe the remaining mark with alcohol or peroxide, if the material is white, and send the thing to the wash.

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

How and how to remove a ballpoint pen from clothes

If the trace from the handle has already been absorbed into the material, the absorbent will not help. But there are other ways, let’s analyze the most effective. 


A chemical with an unpleasant pungent odor that dissolves the dye well. The tampon is impregnated with ammonia, the trace from the handle is gently soaked. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then carefully wipe off the remnants of the dye. The cleaned thing is erased. To remove the unpleasant smell, set the mode of additional rinsing. 

Alcohol plus peroxide

Both chemicals are effective solvents that will help remove ballpoint pen ink from clothing. First, the contamination is treated with alcohol, left for a few minutes. If it’s not there, they take vodka. But, given that the concentration of the active substance is less, it is kept on the tissue longer. After that, peroxide is applied to the remains of the dye, gently rubbed, then the product is washed.

An important point: peroxide has a whitening effect. Before applying it to a thing, you need to test its effect on an inconspicuous area. 


Prepare a cleaning paste. To do this, dilute soda powder with clean water to the consistency of a thick gruel. Apply it to the soiled area and lightly rub it into the base. Leave for 15-20 minutes, peel off the dried powder and wash the product. 

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

Milk whey

The old way of how to wash ballpoint ink from clothes. Whey, and if there is none, take sour milk, heat it up a little and pour it into a bowl. The contaminated area is soaked in liquid. Leave for 8-10 hours or overnight. Then the product is washed. 


You will need mustard powder for cleaning. It is diluted with warm water to make a mass similar to a thick paste. Apply it to the ink, rub it lightly. Leave the thing for a day, then peel off the mustard mass and send the product to the laundry.  

Stain remover

The fastest way to remove ink from a ballpoint pen from clothes at home is with a stain remover. There are universal tools that clean different types of dirt. But the most effective specialized drugs. For example, “Stain remover pen and mascara” from Dr.Beckmann or “Dr.CLEAN No. 6”. When using household chemicals, follow the instructions on its packaging. 

How to remove stains from a gel pen on clothes

A gel pen can also leave stains on textiles. The composition of ink differs from ballpoint ink, so other means are added to the ones described above. Let’s list the most effective ones.


Any acetone solvent is also suitable. Apply to a dirty area, wait 10-15 minutes. Wash the treated fragment with soap, wash the product.


Spray the pollution liberally, leave it for a while. After the stain dissolves, the textiles are washed. 


They take only white compositions, since it is more difficult to wash off the colored ones later. They rub the paste into the ink trail, wait for it to disappear, then erase the thing. 

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is squeezed onto the mark. Leave for an hour, wipe with a cotton pad. Thoroughly rinse the product, send it to the laundry. 

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

Suitable stain removers, universal or specialized, are also used to remove marks from the gel pen. 

How to wash ink from a pen from white clothes

White fabrics can be treated with preparations with a bleaching effect, since there is no risk that the paints will fade. We have prepared a list of the most effective methods.


The drug is applied undiluted to the ink, left for a while. The dissolved dye should be rubbed, add fresh peroxide, rub again and so on several times until the spot completely disappears. The cleaned thing is erased.  

Shaving cream

A little cream is squeezed into a small container, whipped into a fluffy foam. Apply it to the ink trail, gently rub it in, leave it until the foam dries. Clean the treated area, erase the product.


Take low-fat varieties. Soak the soiled area for 12-14 hours. After that, the clothes are well rinsed and washed in the usual way. 


We need a composition with a bleaching effect. It should be applied to the mark, gently rub it and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Then the paste is carefully cleaned, the treated area is washed with cold water, the thing must be washed.  

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |


Juice is squeezed out of half a lemon. The liquid is heated so that it becomes warm, but not very hot. Impregnate a speck with it, leave it until it dissolves. The juice is washed off with cold water, the product is washed. 

We remove stains from different materials

It is important not only to remove dirt without a trace, but also not to spoil the fabric at the same time. Different materials react differently to processing. Let’s figure out how to work with them correctly.

Linen and cotton

Fabrics made of natural fibers are durable and wear-resistant. They can be processed by almost any means, including quite aggressive ones. Acetone-based solvents, soda, and any alcohol preparations work well. White textiles can be cleaned with any bleach. 

Mixed textiles

Fabrics containing synthetic or artificial fibers are sensitive to aggressive chemicals. They are contraindicated with acetone, soda will not work either. It is best to use folk remedies: lemon juice, whey, mustard or laundry soap. 

Silk and wool

Materials made of natural fibers that do not tolerate high-temperature and rough processing. They should not be rubbed hard or brushed. You can remove ink traces with purified gasoline, a mixture of liquid soap and turpentine. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. 


This is a dense kind of cotton fabric. When cleaning, there is a high risk of discoloring it, so the choice of cleaning compounds is limited. Suitable alcohol and liquids based on it, table vinegar or white spirit.  


Fresh ink marks will help remove the milk. A napkin is wetted in it and the contamination is wiped off. Old stains are wiped with turpentine or lemon juice with salt. You can use a special stain remover for the skin, for example, from the Avel brand or similar.

In some cases, mechanical cleaning will help to rub the spot with a school eraser.  

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

What can not be done

It is important to remove the stain without a trace and not spoil the thing at the same time. Therefore, you need to know what to do is strictly prohibited.

Как отстирать ручку с одежды: 15 работающих способов |

If there are traces of a pen on the clothes, do not be too upset. Things can be restored to their original appearance. Only it is necessary to act immediately, because it is easiest to wash off fresh pollution. But you can also cope with old spots, you just need to choose the right cleaning agent. 

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