Public of the week: every day with “World Painting”

On its VKontakte page, the World Painting group holds thematic weeks dedicated to artists and their paintings.

Паблик недели: каждый день с “Мировой живописью”

That’s really the public of the week: periodically the group “World Painting” arranges weeks of great artists. The last one ended last Sunday: for all seven days, the organizers of the public acquainted subscribers with the personality of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and, of course, with his work.

Паблик недели: каждый день с “Мировой живописью”

Madame Gustave Hequet (1845–1865). Portrait of Ingres in the image of a young man. 1850-1860. 88.4 x 69.9 cm. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You can catch up at any time: either by scrolling through the entries below, or by opening the desired album with images. As for Ingres, the group widely covered his mythological and historical works and even discussed male images in his painting. 

It is difficult to say who will be the center of attention next time, but you can always announce your wishes in the appropriate discussion. We will be watching! 

Паблик недели: каждый день с “Мировой живописью”

Vincent van Gogh. Portrait of Dr. Gachet. 1890. 

Паблик недели: каждый день с “Мировой живописью”

Benvenuto Benvenuti. On the way home. 

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