Scale in the washing machine: 9 ways of cleaning and prevention |

We tell you why the washing machine needs regular cleaning and how to clean it yourself from scale and dirt. We offer an overview of the best cleaning products.

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

The washing machine is designed for a long service life. But she will work without interruptions only if she is properly cared for. Otherwise, failures and breakdowns are inevitable. Do not forget to periodically clean your assistant from dirt and plaque. Let’s figure out how to clean the washing machine from scale at home and how to carry out a comprehensive complete cleaning for it. 

All about cleaning the washing machine


Why do I need to clean

Not all housewives understand why the unit needs to be cleaned. They are sure that if the external surfaces are clean, then everything is fine. But this is not the case. When washing under the influence of detergents, dirt particles split and settle on the internal surfaces of the equipment. In addition, dissolved salts are deposited on the heating element in the form of scale. 

But that’s not all. Moisture and heat are the best environment for the life of pathogenic microflora. For this reason, mold often settles on the elements of the machine.

One of the frequent problems of washing machines is the breakdown of the heating element or heating tube element. The part is in water, and at the end of each working cycle, magnesium and calcium salts are deposited on it in the form of plaque. They need to be cleaned periodically.

Any unit needs regular cleaning. This should be done every two to three months. However, in some conditions it has to be done more often. Let’s list them. 

It is important to clean the machine in time, this prolongs its service life. 

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

How to clean and how to use the funds

Let’s analyze effective means and methods of descaling in a washing machine. 

Folk remedies

1. Citric acid

Citric acid from scale in the washing machine is considered one of the most effective means. It equally effectively destroys a thin “fresh” plaque and petrified scale. Therefore, the drug successfully cleans the outer side of the drum and the heating element. It is very simple to calculate the amount of powder for processing: 20-30 g is taken for 1 kg of the calculated load

citric acid. 

The granules are poured into a powder receiver, activate the “cotton 90S” mode or a similar long high-temperature treatment. In order for it to be as efficient as possible, the power supply is turned off approximately in the middle of the cycle and the machine is left for two to three hours, then it is started. An important point. The treatment is carried out with an empty drum, it cannot be combined with washing. 

2. Vinegar  

For the procedure, only 9% vinegar is chosen, which is called table vinegar. Vinegar essence can not be taken. The liquid in the volume of 1.5-2 glasses is poured into the detergent compartment. Choose a high-temperature long cycle. They start the device. At the end of the treatment, a sour specific smell may appear. To remove it, run another rinse cycle. 

3. Soda plus vinegar

One of the best options for the destruction of plaque from salts. Cleaning is carried out like this. Prepare a solution of 0.5 cups of baking soda and the same amount of water. Pour it into a powder cuvette. Then a glass of 9% vinegar is poured into the drum. Choose a high-temperature treatment and start the unit. The advantage of the technique is the reaction that takes place between soda and vinegar. It actively destroys the plaque.

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

Some housewives clean the units from scale with chlorine-containing preparations such as “Whiteness” and the like. This is a strange decision, since chlorine does not affect salt deposits in any way. But it can damage rubber parts and gaskets. Therefore, without good reasons, such as the appearance of mold, it is not worth using it. 

Household chemicals

These are the best descaling agents for washing machines. Their composition is selected so that they remove salt deposits well, but do not spoil the details of the washing machine. Let’s list the drugs included in the rating of the most effective. 

1. “Antinakipin”

Designed for the destruction of scale particles on heating elements of various types of household appliances. 

2. “Doctor TENG”

Removes mineral deposits from the heaters of washing machines and dishwashers. 

3. The cleaner from Beckmann

A multifunctional drug that destroys salt plaque and dirt in hard-to-reach places, removes unpleasant odor. 

4. Magic Power

A specialized preparation for the destruction of salt deposits. It is sold as a gel or powder.

5. Topperr 3004 

A specialized effective tool. It easily copes with limescale of varying degrees of intensity. 

6. Bagi Shumanite

Multifunctional cleaner that destroys plaque, removes odor, disinfects. 

The method of application of each product is indicated on the package. An important point. On sale you can find drugs that prevent the appearance of deposits. This is “Kalgon” and similar means. They are added before washing, as they are designed to soften hard water. They cannot affect the existing scale, so they cannot be used for cleaning. This should be understood and not to be confused with compounds that destroy calcareous deposits.

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

How to descale a washing machine mechanically

If preventive cleaning was not carried out regularly or, moreover, was not carried out at all, and the car is no longer new, mechanical cleaning is “shown” to it. The problem is that a thick calcareous growth has accumulated on the heating element. During normal cleaning, it will crumble into pieces, and large scale fragments can damage the unit. Mechanical cleaning is carried out as follows.

Put the part in place, connect the wires.

An important point. This is a very effective way to clean the heating element, but if you have no experience with household appliances, it is better not to choose it. It is worth limiting yourself to a highly effective chemical preparation.

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

The algorithm of complete cleaning of the automatic machine

It is necessary to clean the washing unit from salt deposits regularly, but this is not enough. From time to time, the technique requires a comprehensive cleansing. We have prepared a simple algorithm for the procedure.

1. Cleaning the drum

Dirt and moisture remain on the walls of the drum and on the surface of the sealing cuff after washing. If nothing is done about it, over time dark spots become noticeable on the sealer, dirt accumulates on the walls of the drum, an unpleasant smell appears. Cleaning begins with a sealer. It is thoroughly washed with a soap solution with the addition of any antiseptic. If mold is visible on the cuff, wipe it with soda gruel or treat it with copper sulfate. Wash the part with clean water. After that, they start cleaning the drum part. Lemon juice or any disinfectant is poured into it and the unit is started in high-temperature mode. At the end of the cycle, wipe the seal and the inside of the drum dry, leave the door open to remove moisture. 

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

2. Clean the hose and filter

The drain filter is located at the bottom of the housing. It accumulates garbage from pockets, feathers, lint, etc. All this interferes with the normal operation of the unit. Therefore, the filter is cleaned at least once every three months. To do this, remove the decorative panel, unscrew the filter cover, remove the part, clean it and rinse it under the tap. The drain hose also needs periodic cleaning, since dirt and small debris also accumulate in it. Before cleaning, the remaining water is drained from the machine. To do this, open the drain filter. After that, disconnect the hose from the sewer and from the washing machine. Then clean it with a brush on a cable and pass a lot of hot soapy water through it. After cleaning, put the part in place. 

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

3. We wash the compartment for detergents

Lime deposits gradually settle on the walls of the cuvette, sometimes mold appears. For cleaning, the part is completely removed from the case, disassembled. After that, the mold is cleaned with soda gruel or any chlorine-containing preparation, washed. Soak the cuvette in a basin with a solution of acid, carboxylic or citric, for several hours. Then they are wiped with a stiff sponge, washed, dried and installed. Be sure to clean the powder intake compartment in the housing, dirt and scale particles also accumulate there. 

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

Накипь в стиральной машине: 9 способов очистки и профилактика |

Preventive measures

To keep the unit in good condition, you need to follow a few simple rules.

If you follow these rules, you will need to clean the device much less often, and it will last longer. 

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