The family moved from a modern apartment to a 19th-century house in Malmo

Fashion designer Maria Lindblom-Levy and her husband Mark live in a 19th-century house in Malmo. The interior of their apartment is filled with art, design, their works and travel memories. Let’s take a look at them


Malmo became the hometown of the Lindblom-Levy family in 2003. The head of the family, Mark Levy, is from London, by profession he is an architect and designer. Maria is a designer and fashion designer, she has her own fashion brand E.Timglas. The couple met while studying in Copenhagen, they have an adult son Fabrice and a 15-year-old daughter Molly. Mark and Maria have their own studio, Lindblom-Levy, which is located a couple of blocks from their house. They sell clothes designed by Maria and Mark’s furniture, which they produce in a limited edition.


The family decided to move to Sweden when their son was three years old — they had been vacationing in the Caribbean for a long time and before returning home they thought about where they would really like to live. “We really enjoyed our life in Copenhagen, but we wanted our children to grow up in Sweden. Everything is close to us in Malmo, and Copenhagen is not far away,” says Maria.


A small light blue house stands on the Sedra embankment in the very center of Malmo. It was built in 1862, and many original details have been preserved in it. There is a lot of eclecticism in the interiors: the design classics of the middle of the last century coexist here with vintage objects and furniture that Mark invented. There is a lot of art here, and one of the largest rooms of the house is occupied by Maria’s clothing collection (sometimes she invites regular customers to private parties here, and then the entire first floor of the house turns into an E.Timglas showroom).


“I like to sew, do something with my own hands. I like to invent and produce my own collections of clothes with a timeless, classic design that can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit,” says Maria. “I buy fabrics for them when I travel, when I visit friends abroad.” From there, she also brings her favorite vases, jewelry, photographs, decorative items — there is always a place for them in this apartment filled with the spirit of creativity and distant wanderings.


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