Video: how to expand the space with color |

The designer shared professional secrets that will help owners of small apartments to make them visually bigger.

In the design of small rooms, you need to take into account everything: the arrangement of furniture, and its functionality, and, of course, you want to make them bigger, at least visually. Traditional techniques such as mirrors help in this. But color can also play a role! Designer Anna Shimanova told about how it will help in the visual expansion of the space.

In addition, Anna touched upon the issue of combining the ceiling, walls and floor in color to create a harmonious interior, and also destroyed stereotypes about the use of light and dark shades in small spaces. You will learn a lot of interesting things from this video. Turn it on!

This is not our first interview with Anna, where she talked about color. You can watch it and other useful videos on various topics in the field of interior design on our YouTube channel. Subscribe, we update regularly!

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