You will definitely like it: 5 new stylish hallways from designers

Different styles, colors and areas have made a selection of hallways that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

The hallway is one of the most important areas in the apartment. She “greets” the owners and their guests, a big load falls on her: humidity, dirt, and reagents that are sprinkled on the streets in winter. How do designers design hallways to be stylish and functional? We show you!

1 Bright hallway-corridor with built-in IKEA wardrobe and tile carpet

The entrance hall from the project of designer Anna Shimanova is decorated in bright colors, which visually expands the small (5,9 sq. m. m along with the corridor) and a fairly narrow space. Aesthetics are on top! The entrance area is highlighted by a colored “carpet” of tiles, which is perhaps the only bright accent, except for the decor.

The functionality does not lag behind the chest of drawers is thought out for small items. There is a built-in wardrobe for things. It is, by the way, from IKEA, that is, standard sizes. At the planning stage, the designer thought out a niche for its dimensions in order to build a wardrobe. So it looks like it’s made to order!

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

2 Small hallway with stunning wallpaper and vintage chest of drawers

In Natalia Vasilyeva’s project, the hallway occupies only 2.3 square meters (not counting the corridor). This is a small but very spectacular area. Firstly, due to the finish. In this apartment, wallpaper is one of the dominants of the entire space, different rooms. And the hallway is no exception. Wallpaper of the English brand Cole & Son, the Fornasetti collection, was used on the walls. And for practicality, the lower part of the walls is decorated with panels. 

The floor is tiled with a black-and-white “rug” that looks unobtrusive, but still spectacular. Of course, details add a wow effect. This is an antique chest of drawers and a chandelier with pendants, as well as a mirror in a gilded frame and a sconce in a vintage style.

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

3 Bright hallway in blue tones

In the apartment designed by Anna Chesnokova, the general background of the walls is light. Blue is found in the master bedroom, but this is a private area. But the hallway is “open” to the kitchen-living room and stands out favorably in color. The floor is also a zoning tool. At the entrance there is glossy porcelain stoneware under onyx, while further down the corridor there is laminate. 

The designer explains the choice of this turquoise shade by the mistress’s love for him. And it reminds you that the hallway is an area where you don’t spend a lot of time, so you can afford to use brighter shades there. 

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

4 Bright little hallway

The owners of this apartment were open to bright colors, which Natalia Balashova took as a call to action there is really a lot of color in the interior, and the hallway is no exception. The yellow wall here “passes” to the ceiling, colored hooks stand out against its background, which are both a functional and decorative element. And on the floor there is a bright tile with a pattern in the patchwork style, but more modern.

The color doesn’t look too intrusive due to the correct white balance here too much. These are the adjacent walls, and a large built-in wardrobe for things. Take note if you want brightness, but there is a fear of “overdoing it, this is a great example!

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

5 The entrance hall is like a front hall

Designer Milena Yanichkina turned an ordinary hallway in this apartment into a bright and beautiful room that “greets” the hostess and guests. The space looks larger than its area of 6.6 sq. m. This effect was achieved with the help of color, light tones of walls and furniture were used; natural lighting from the living room connects the hallway with a wide and high glass partition that lets light in from the window; glossy floor it is known that reflective surfaces visually increase the space; built-in furniture a large closet with facades in the color of the walls does not make this area heavier. And the ceiling is only 2.5 meters high, the cornices are visually pulled out, which are painted in the color of the walls.

Вам точно понравится: 5 новых стильных прихожих от дизайнеров

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